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A'mending America, an original work, was written for the stage by Alison Miller, Michael Larson and Joshua Tenzer.  First produced in August of 2022 by Liberty Arts, it was later reprised in November of the same year. A'mending America is a satirical roast of America's socio-politcal climate -  post pandemic.  Based upon the first 10 amendments of the United States constitution, this light-hearted, vaudevillian, musical- comedy tackled hard issues in a thoughtful and humorous fashion. 

Past Productions!

A'mending America

Conceived by Alison Miller

Written by Alison Miller, Michael Larson & Joshua Tenzer

Directed by Michael Larson

Produced by Alison Miller, Erica Mallon & Joshua Tenzer in conjuction with American Legion Post #1 of Leonia

Scenic Design, Construction & Social Media by Jana Castelli

Sound Design by Brian Goss

Lighting by Les Lovell

Cast: Robin Barbosa, William F. Benedict, Gary Braunhohl, Jana Castelli, Erica Mallon, Mark Mason, Vito Mazza, Alison Miller, Joshua Tenzer, Tiffany Valens

Voiceover: Heather Niceski

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